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NRA Tour to the Channel Islands 2013


Archie WhicherThe NRA Council has honoured me with the captaincy of the 2013 touring team to the Channel Islands.

The goal of this tour is to bring promising talent up to an international level of shooting, further our friendship with members of both Guernsey and Jersey Rifle Associations, and have some fun in the process. During the matches we will be doing our utmost to represent the Association with distinction and provide Guernsey and Jersey with some close competition.

The team is diverse, with members coming from a number of home nations and ages spanning four decades - experience not necessarily matching age. They have bonded well at the training weekends despite being frozen solid on several occasions; an experience we are all hoping to avoid when on tour.

I am extremely grateful for the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm already put in by everyone. Special thanks should also go to the adjutant, Paul Wheeler, for his booking skills, to the vice-captain, David Armstrong, for passing on his not inconsiderable experience, to Benjamin Craig for his sterling fund-raising work, to PCMG Ltd and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International for their sponsorship via the corporate day, the Overseas Team Fund for their grant, and to our Channel Islands hosts for their help in organising the tour. Special mention should also be made to our non-travelling reserve, William Steward, who generously provided sponsorship for the team kit..

I am looking forward to leading the team and, with any luck, meeting all the aims stated. Having been to the Channel Islands many times, both as a shooter and just as a visitor, I am sure the team as a whole will enjoy the experience and come back with fond memories and a sense of achievement.

Archie Whicher.


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